Core Feelings

Many times as I work with adults and teens,  I see that they have a difficult time understanding which words best describe how they are feeling.  This sheet is a tool to help us identify what’s your current emotional state.


GLAD Loving, content, compassionate, relieved, excited, alive, joyful, satisfied, calm, peaceful, accepted, committed, understood, strong, healthy, encouraged, determined, patient, respected, confident, competent, important, whole, valued, secure, worthy
SAD Depressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, frantic, abandoned, trapped, desperate, hopeless, victimized, criushed, empty, miserable, fragile, helpless, needy, used, lonely, disappointed, remorseful, misunderstood, upset
ANGER Offended, irritated, agitated, cross, provoked, uptight, impatient, disagreeable, disgusted, displeased, annoyed, bothered, critical, furious, enraged, hostile, vengeful, aggressive, hateful, indifferent
GUILT Regretful, alienated, worthless, humiliated, inadequate, disgraced, despised, failure, bad, embarrassed, stupid, tormented
LONELY Sad, alone, not chosen, abandoned, isolated, alienated, victimized, worthless, dejected, empty, friendless, needy, tearful
FEAR Terrified, shocked, panicky, desperate, frantic, vulnerable, tense, anxious, apprehensive, suspicious, perturbed, unsafe, cowardly, timid, concerned, undecided, uneasy, pressured
SHAME Ashamed, abused, helpless, humiliated, worthless, rejected, abandoned, detested, inadequate, degraded, unloved, failure, unimportant, bad, weak, ungifted, ugly, ignored, inferior
HURT Hopeless, rejected, defeated, desperate, victimized, worthless, wounded, degraded, crushed, miserable, sick, torn up, fragile, destroyed