Renee Chambers, BA, Pastoral Counselor

Renee Chambers

Renee is a Pastoral Counselor, with her certification through the National Christian Counselors Association. Renee works with Adolescents, Young Adults and their families. She is passionate about empowering teenagers, helping them find their voice and helping restore healthy communication within a family. Renee is also a Certified Temperament Therapist.

She may be reached at 615.812.2382 or at

GROUPS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED.  Renee also has the opportunity to run a small group for middle and high school girls which meets on Sunday nights from 4:-5:30 (middle school) and 6:00-7:30 (high school).  The heart of this group is to offer a safe place for teen girls to talk through life with their peers. To find out more about our groups,  feel free to call Renee at the number above or email to see if there are any openings.